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Independent Physicians Providing Personal Care


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Independent Physicians Providing Personal Care

Greater Tri Cities IPA is an Independent Physicians Association comprised of over 40 primary care physicians and over 100 specialists in Northern San Diego County. Each doctor operates his or her own practice. An independent practice guarantees independent thinking and the freedom to provide personal care. When you choose a Greater Tri Cities IPA physician, you are choosing a doctor solely committed to your wellbeing.


“He is so personable, honest, and caring. Very, very good bedside manner. Really listens!!”

Gerri -

Her staff are friendly, efficient, and well informed… Dr. Melissa Hurd has always been friendly and welcoming, yet straight forward on the medical issues I come in for. She is precise in recording and clear in explaining results, options for treatment, and explanation of diagnosis.

Margaret - 27/05/2018

“Dr. Hurd is good at what she does.”

Frank - 13/02/2019

“I love Dr. Watson because he is thorough and has excellent bedside manner. Explains things very thoroughly.”

Teresita (65) - 11/03/2015

“I love Dr. Watson because I trust him after all these years! When I need help he has previously helped me. That means a lot to me personally. He was wonderful when they found I had cancer almost 4 years ago. I could not ask for a better doctor and staff.”

Cathy (73) - 10/03/2015

“I love Dr. Smith because he listens closely, speaks understandably, wants to make people better, has a good sense of humor, is easy-going and down-to-earth, and never rushes me.”

Maggie (33) - 09/12/2014

“I love Dr. Watson because his polite, thorough demeanor.”

Barry (70) - 06/07/2016

“I love Dr. Watson because he is very professional and has helped me a lot.”

Ronald (,) - 26/05/2015

“I love Dr. Smith because he sincerely is interested in me and my health. He takes time to discuss common interests – beyond just my physical well-being. I have come to consider him my friend. Of course, I also have confidence in his medical expertise.”

George (77) - 09/12/2014

“I love Dr. Hurd because she knows what’s going on in my life.”

Howard (60) - 20/07/2017

“I love Dr. Hurd because… she makes me feel like I am her only patient…she listens intently to what I am saying as if my words were clues to a riddle that she is trying to solve. I love my doctor because she is focused and clinical while still warm and feminine.”

Duncan (70) - 21/11/2017

“We love Dr. Italiano because he is so very patient and understanding. He explains everything so you understand and listens to you. He is the best. ”

James & Mary (83 & 79) - 09/12/2014

“I love Dr. Watson because he seems to be straightforward and addresses my concerns. I have been pleased with my over-all care, so far,”

V. (66) - 11/03/2015

“I appreciate, respect, and like Dr. Italiano because he pays attention to my medical needs and my person. He is knowledgeable about medical needs and makes an effort to find answers if he doesn’t know. He reviews blood work/other reports with me and explains the significance. ”

David (77) - 09/12/2014

“I love Dr. Lawson because she gets me to the specialists I need as quickly as possible. She is very concerned about my health and always available. She is a wonderful person.”

George (69) - 09/12/2014

“I love Dr. Hurd because she’s kind, understanding, patient, and the best doctor in all my life. I can’t thank her enough for being there for me.”

Betty (92) - 22/03/2017

“I love Dr. Hurd because she is a wonderful doctor. She takes the time to listen to my problems and we discuss a solution… Also, her office staff is very polite and helpful.”

Violet (79) - 21/11/2017

“I love Dr. Lawson because she listens, pays attention and acts. She cares. I have been coming here for almost 2 years and am 80% better than when I first came to see her. I have suffered for so many years [and] she found out my disease. No other doctors could before, but she promised she wouldn’t give up. ”

Emily (66) - 09/12/2014

“I love Dr. Smith because he is so attentive to my needs. He listens and cares. He makes me feel like I am very important. If it is an emergency, even if he is booked, he will always find the time to see me. I have followed my doctor for 10 years now, and I don’t intend to change doctors at all. ”

Jenny (37) - 09/12/2014

“I love Dr. Ibrahim because he spends the time to explain my health concerns and educate me to live a healthier lifestyle.”

Scott (34) - 09/12/2014

“I love Dr. Hurd because in a word – kind. All the staff is consistently kind, pleasant, efficient. Dr. Hurd and Dr. Patel each listen, suggest, don’t lecture, but seek real solutions to the various things I’ve dealt with. I’m really happy with this office and would recommend them highly!”

Laurel (-) - 01/02/2017

“I love Dr. Italiano because he has a fantastic bedside manor. He is very easy to talk to. He does not make you feel rushed. He seems to genuinely care about you. He also makes you feel at ease. ”

Kathleen (42) - 09/12/2014

“I love Dr. Watson because of his “smile” and his “caring.””

Claudine (85) - 11/03/2015

“”I love Dr. Hurd because…she always treats me with kindness and always make me feel special. She will do everything in her power for the sake of my health. I love her as my family!”

Maribel (46) - 08/01/2015

“I love Dr. Hurd because she is an extraordinary diagnostician. She never seems rushed [and] listens so carefully. I think she “walks on water!””

Ruth (74) - 19/01/2015

“We love Dr. Hurd because she knows us like the back of her hand, and we consider ourselves lucky to have her as our family doctor…””

Tommie & Ayako (74/72) - 09/02/2015

“I love Dr. Hurd because she is always thorough and very pleasant to talk to. [She] makes me feel good about myself. She always has great advice.”

Joy (71) - 09/02/2015

“I love Dr. Hurd because she is the most caring and knowledgeable doctor I’ve ever had. She actually looks you in the eye and gathers patient info.”

Frances (64) - 09/02/2015

“I love Dr. Hurd because she smiles a lot! Seems happy to see me – is deeply concerned about my well-being. Add competency to here compassionate manner and you have the perfect doctor! She goes beyond the routine.”

Doyle (78) - 04/03/2015

“I love Dr. Hurd because she is an intuitive, attentive, polite, honest, and smart medical practitioner.”

C. (63) - 10/03/2015