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The Pulse a patient newsletter published on a quarterly basis offering information on current health topics, trends, and events. The goal of this newsletter is to empower you in your health care. We aim to provide relevant information. If you have a topic you would like covered, please contact us, so we can include it in an upcoming edition of The Pulse.

Patient Newsletters


Spring 2017
Patient Newsletter

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(If you received this edition in the mail, please note the change in the length of time to hold each pose under the Spring in to Fitness Article from 10 minutes to 10 seconds.)

2017 Newsletters

Spring 2017 - Act FAST to Identify Strokes

Winter 2017 - Easy Ways to Stay Active

2016 Newsletters

Summer 2016 - Help Prevent Dehydration

Spring 2016 - 7 Tips for Fall Prevention

Winter 2016 - Help Stop the Spread of Germs

2015 Newsletters

Fall 2015 - Tips to Reduce your Risk for Breast Cancer

Summer 2015 - 4 Tips for a Safe & Healthy Trip

Spring 2015 - Stress Awareness: 5 Tips for Relief

Winter 2015 - 5 Dietary Tips to Combat Obesity

2014 Newsletters

Fall 2014 - Maintaining Good Bone/Joint Health

Summer 2014 - Sun Exposure & Vitamin D

Spring 2014 - 5 Tips to Combat Malnutrition

Winter 2014 - Maintain Health Cholesterol Levels

2013 Newsletters

Fall 2013 - 8 Tips to Fight the Flu

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