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Greater Tri Cities IPA is an IPA, Independent Physician Association. What is an IPA? Each doctor owns and operates his or her own practice, so no two practices will be the same. The relationship with your primary care doctor is one of the most important. Here is what your neighbors like about their primary care doctors. If you love your doctor, let us know. Use the contact us form to share your story.

Love My Doctor

Bloom, Irving

Carol (-)

“I love Dr. Bloom because he listens, always seems to be able to diagnose the problem, and recommends a treatment that works well. He has always been to see me at the hospital, which has been very reassuring.”

George & Jan (86)

“"I love Dr. Bloom because he communicates in many ways that he is competent and caring - That Jan and I make a difference."”

David (94)

“I love Dr. Bloom because he's very detail-oriented and responsive to my needs and concerns. In addition, when I have procedures with specialists or surgeons, he insists on receiving and reviewing full results to be fully informed about the outcomes. Dr. Bloom also feels personally responsible about where I go for additional medical treatments in terms of efficacy and appropriateness. Thank you for many years of fine care Dr. Bloom!”