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Greater Tri Cities IPA is an IPA, Independent Physician Association. What is an IPA? Each doctor owns and operates his or her own practice, so no two practices will be the same. The relationship with your primary care doctor is one of the most important. Here is what your neighbors like about their primary care doctors. If you love your doctor, let us know. Use the contact us form to share your story.

Love My Doctor

Smith, Gregory

George (77)

“I love Dr. Smith because he sincerely is interested in me and my health. He takes time to discuss common interests - beyond just my physical well-being. I have come to consider him my friend. Of course, I also have confidence in his medical expertise.”

Jenny (37)

“I love Dr. Smith because he is so attentive to my needs. He listens and cares. He makes me feel like I am very important. If it is an emergency, even if he is booked, he will always find the time to see me. I have followed my doctor for 10 years now, and I don't intend to change doctors at all. ”

Maggie (33)

“I love Dr. Smith because he listens closely, speaks understandably, wants to make people better, has a good sense of humor, is easy-going and down-to-earth, and never rushes me.”