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Greater Tri Cities IPA is an IPA, Independent Physician Association. What is an IPA? Each doctor owns and operates his or her own practice, so no two practices will be the same. The relationship with your primary care doctor is one of the most important. Here is what your neighbors like about their primary care doctors. If you love your doctor, let us know. Use the contact us form to share your story.

Love My Doctor

Lawson, Catherine

George (69)

“I love Dr. Lawson because she gets me to the specialists I need as quickly as possible. She is very concerned about my health and always available. She is a wonderful person.”

Emily (66)

“I love Dr. Lawson because she listens, pays attention and acts. She cares. I have been coming here for almost 2 years and am 80% better than when I first came to see her. I have suffered for so many years [and] she found out my disease. No other doctors could before, but she promised she wouldn't give up. ”