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  • I love Dr. Hurd because she is very understanding. She sits and talks with you before she does anything; I really like that about her. And, she always finds out what the problem is and sends you to other doctors in the field that she feels you need to see for that problem. I have been with Dr. Hurd for 12-14 years. -Paula, 55
  • "I love Dr. Hurd because she signs a printed summary of the visit and spends sufficient time with me. I don't feel rushed." -Leslie, 66
  • "I love Dr. Baniadam because he listens and helps with any and all issues that I have." Tim, 38
  • "I have been a patient of Dr. Etedali's for 10 years, and I have always been treated with respect. She makes sure I understand any treatment or procedure before going forward. She always makes me feel like my health issues are important and I am important as a person. I love my Dr. Etedali!" - Barbara, 66
  • "I love Dr. Clark because she takes care of me and always takes the time to make sure I have everything I need." -Kailah, 19
  • "I love Dr. Etedali because she really listens and hears my concerns! She is compassionate and caring, and I know her interest in my well-being is genuine and sincere." - Brenda, 51
  • "I love Dr. Garg because of her personalized care. She is an experienced doctor who still takes the time to genuinely care for her patients. I work in the medical field and trust her like no other. Thank you Dr. Garg. You are awesome." - Sandra (Jonas, 5; Selma, 9)
  • "We love Dr. Italiano because he is so very patient and understanding. He explains everything so you understand and listens to you. He is the best." -James, 83 & Mary, 79
  • "I love Dr. Hurd because she 'gets me.' She 'gets me' because she has taken the time and care to 'know me.' She works with me to devise my health plan. She advocates for me to understand my health needs and medical care. She is in my corner; she is my medical champion! She wants me to be a health version of myself!" - Martha, 58
  • "I love Dr. Chong because she always listens to me! - Avon, 84
  • "I love Dr. Stein because he is family friendly. Dr. Stein respects my role and responsibilities as a parent." - Patricia (Jonathon, 12; Breck, 10; Liam, 8; Owen, 2; Naomi, 4 months)
  • "I love Dr. Stein because he's so funny and silly!" - Liberty, 6
  • "I love Dr. Etedali because she listens to me." - Nancy, 76
  • "I love Dr. Baniadam because he is smart, ethical, and does more than just write prescriptions." John, 72
  • "I love Dr. Garg because she cares about our children and always listens to our needs and concerns. She has been their doctor for over 14 years. Her office is always pristine and the staff is wonderful!" - Caleb, 15; Samuel, 11; Lillian, 5
  • "I love Dr. Smith because he is so attentive to my needs. He listens and cares. He makes me feel like I am very important. If it is an emergency, even if he is booked, he will always find the time to see me. I have followed my doctor for 10 years now, and I don't intend to change doctors at all." Jenny, 37
  • "I love Dr. Smith because he sincerely is interested in me and my health. He takes time to discuss common interests - beyond just my physical well-being. I have come to consider him my friend. Of course, I also have confidence in his medical expertise." George, 77
  • "I love Dr. Stein because he takes care of me." - Michael, 5
  • "I love Dr. Etedali because it is easy to get an appointment. They are very caring and listen to your problems. I am not treated like a number but a real person." -Regina, 49
  • "I love Dr. Stein because he is funny and doesn't give me a hard time. He has never made me feel afraid to come to the doctor's office and actually makes it fun to come." - Austen, 14
  • "I love Dr. Stein because he is good with my children. He truly cares about their wellbeing." -Angela, 31
  • "I love Dr. Ajir because he is attentive and professional. He listens and is very responsive to my needs." - Mona, 50
  • "I love Dr. Clark because she keeps me healthy and she made my head better after my accident." -Christian, 7
  • "I love Dr. Baniadam because he is very thorough and helpful." Christopher, 27
  • "I appreciate, respect, and like Dr. Italiano because he pays attention to my medical needs and my person. He is knowledgeable about medical needs and makes an effort to find answers if he doesn't know. He reviews blood work/other reports with me and explains the significance." -David, 77
  • "I love Dr. Ajir because he cares about me as a person and goes the extra mile to make sure he has done all he can to keep me healthy." - Chester, 81
  • "I love Dr. Etedali because she is very thorough. She is also kind and patient." - Jeanne, 31
  • "I love Dr. Baniadam because he helps with my health issues and is very helpful and friendly. I would recommend him to anyone I know." Ricardo, 31
  • "I love Dr. Ajir because he takes as much time as I need and answers all my questions. I never have to wait for an appointment. He is also a very personable man." - Constance, 73
  • "I love Dr. Etedali because she is amazing, a very good listener, professional, patient, and courteous. I could not ask for a better doctor. I feel extremely fortunate to have found her. Her expertise is reassuring, and she knows just what to do." - Mary, 84
  • "I love Dr. Ajir because he takes the time to understand and fix the problem." - Bruce, 23
  • I love Dr. Hurd because she has been an amazing doctor to me for the past 16 years. I see her about 1x monthly because of an ongoing condition. The one thing (among many) that I really like about her, is that she takes time to listen to me, and she respects the fact that I know my body. She allows me to be involved in my treatmnet. -Chrystina
  • "I love Dr. Ibrahim because he spends the time to explain my health concerns and educate me to live a healthier lifestyle." - Scott, 34
  • I love Dr. Hurd because she really does care about my health issue. I can call anytime with a concern and she is on top of it within 24 hours. She takes time out to listen to my concern and that is important to me. She alwayas makes me feel good and positive about myself. She is very encouraging. - Mary Ann
  • "I love Dr. Lawson because she listens, pays attention and acts. She cares. I have been coming here for almost 2 years and am 80% better than when I first came to see her. I have suffered for so many years [and] she found out my disease. No other doctors could before, but she promised she wouldn't give up." -Emily, 66
  • "I love Dr. Stein because he is good with my children. He truly cares about their well-being." - Angela (Olivia, 3; Austin, 2 months)
  • "I love Dr. Hurd I have gone through several major surgeries while under her care. She is smart and understanding; she seems to know about every problem. When she does not know what the best treatment is, she is quick to discover what will work best. She is compassionate and caring while being stern about how to follow her advice when it is best for you. She is always in a cheerful mood when you see her." Jacqueline, 70
  • "I love Dr. Curran because he is a hands on doctor who gives you his time." -Leonard, 86
  • "I love Dr. Lawson because she gets me to the specialists I need as quickly as possible. She is very concerned about my health and always available. She is a wonderful person." -George, 69
  • I love Dr. Hurd because she is both my doctor and my friend. I know she looks out for my best health decisions and personal issues as well. Love you Dr. Hurd. -Janet, 58
  • "I love Dr. Smith because he listens closely, speaks understandably, wants to make people better, has a good sense of humor, is easy-going and down-to-earth, and never rushes me." Maggie, 33
  • "I love Dr. Italiano because he has a fantastic bedside manor. He is very easy to talk to. He does not make you feel rushed. He seems to genuinely care about you. He also makes you feel at ease." Kathleen - 42
  • "I love Dr. Hurd because well, she is simply amazing!!! I've been with Dr. Hurd & her team for years and I am so grateful to be a patient. I have had to go through some callenging & scary medical moments, but Dr. Hurd & Carol have treated me with love, compassion, & kindness always!!! Greatest team in North County!" -Melissa, 44
  • "I love Dr. Stein because he's been my doctor since I was a baby and he knows all about me!" - Michael, 11
  • "I love Dr. Ajir because he is a good doctor. I trust his judgement a lot. He is very good at what he does." - Gregory, 67
  • "I love Dr. Ajir because he is outstanding in every way - knowledgeable, understanding, and so much more." - Peggy, 81
Greater Tri Cities IPA is an Independent Physicians Association comprised of 37 primary care physicians and over 100 specialists in Northern San Diego County. Each doctor operates their own practice. An independent practice guarantees independent thinking and the freedom to provide personal care. When you choose a Greater Tri Cities IPA physician, you are choosing a doctor solely committed to your well being.

Our Physicians work as patient advocates for the best preventative and diagnostic care. Greater Tri Cities IPA takes pride in quick turnaround for referrals, so patients can receive timely specialty care. We are proactive about your health!

Great Reasons to pick Greater Tri Cities IPA

We offer more than convenient, dedicated doctors. When you enroll with Greater Tri Cities IPA, you gain access to an extensive health care network including the following services:

Greater Tri-Cities Hospital
  • Local lab locations (we use LabCorp, with multiple locations in the Tri City area; some labs will be performed at Tri City Medical Center)
  • Direct referrals to many specialties
  • Most referrals completed in 24-48 hours
  • Diversity amongst our physicians, boasting many different cultural and multi-lingual backgrounds
  • Multi-lingual Customer Service
  • Affiliation with 3 excellent hospitals:
    • Tri City Medical Center
    • UCSD Medical Center
    • Rady Children's Hospital

Becoming a member of Greater Tri-Cities IPA is easy.

Simply click on "Physician Profiles" and use the search features to find the Primary Care Physician that's right for you. Next, select that physician when completing the registration with your HMO.

Already belong to an HMO? Contact your health plan to see if the Greater Tri-Cities IPA physician you like is available.

Please remember, you can always call our customer service department at (760) 732-0272 - we are here to help you!

NCQA is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to improving health care quality.

Greater Tri-Cities IPA has been certified by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) for Pay-for-Performance (P4P). This means that Greater Tri-Cities IPA is recognized by NCQA for following national standards.

We want to hear from you - Contact our Member Service Department at 1.760.732.0272 or click here to send questions, comments and request more information.
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